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Jimmy bench, Sheriff

Pulaski County Missouri

Serving the Community Since 1833

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On October 15, 2015, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department recognized two detectives for their outstanding service to the citizens of this County. Actually, I should make that plural, due to their efforts resulting in the solving of numerous crimes throughout Pulaski and neighboring counties. Detective Sergeant Linda Burgess and Detective Christian Butler both received the Sheriff’s Metal of Merit last Thursday for their relentless and unselfish efforts to deter crime and protect their citizens.

I could write several pages detailing their achievements but in summary, the efforts of Sgt. Burgess and Detective Butler have resulted in the arrests of hundreds of criminals. They have recovered a vast amount of stolen property over the past two years, which includes vehicles, heavy equipment, guns and jewelry. Both detectives have also been instrumental in the efforts to bring individuals to justice who have committed bodily injury crimes to members of this County. So, please help me in congratulating Sgt. Burgess and Detective Butler for their outstanding service to this community.

Sheriff Ron Long

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