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Pulaski County Missouri

Jimmy Bench Sheriff

Ft Leonard Wood Offenders

Dixon Sex Offenders

Blanton, Gerald Eugene

11175 Cactus Road

Dixon, MO

DOB: 06-19-1956


Blue, Samuel Wayne

16190 Hwy 28

Dixon,  MO  

DOB:  01-22-1987

Sexual Intercourse

Brown, Nathan Anthony

14850 Hwy O

Dixon, MO

DOB: 07-19-1981

Statutory Rape 2nd

Burkhart, Michael Ray

10200 Cape Road

Dixon, MO

DOB:  01-05-1999

Child Molestation 3rd Degree

Colvard, MaryKay Frances

13216 Halt Drive

Dixon,  MO

DOB:  02-26-1985

Cause, Procure or Permit Inury/Sex Abuse to Minor Child

Coram, Mark Anthony

14340 Howard Lane

Dixon,  MO  

DOB:  08-02-1979

Possess Depicton of Minor Engage in Sexually Explicit Condition

Bowman, Kevin Lee

405 West Chestnut

DIxon MO

DOB: 04-20-1963

Agg Criminal Sexual Aslt X2

Calvert, Matthew Wayne

12280 Chicago Road

Dixon,  MO

DOB:  06-15-1970

Stat sodomy 1st Degree under 14

Cox, James Floyd

701A S Pine St

Dixon, MO

DOB: 11-30-1957

Deviate Sexual Assault

Britt, Billy Scott

15296 Cliff Road

Dixon,  MO

DOB:  01-08-1955

Possess Child Porn - 2nd Subsequent Offense


Chambers, Earl James

13200 Hassler Lane

Dixon,  Mo 

DOB:  02-20-1974

Sexual Battery

Crowder, Johnathan Nathaniel

20065 Hartford Rd

Dixon,  MO

DOB:  12-12-1979

Sexual Misconduct 4th Degree X2

Foster, Randall Jesse

17117 Clayton Drive

Dixon, MO

DOB: 08-30-1962

Statutory Sodomy 2nd Degree

Garner, Douglas Ray

10111 Highway MM

Dixon, MO 65459

DOB: 11-18-1960

Endanger of Welfare of Child 1st/1st Sex Conduct


Goza, Tracy Alan

13735 Cowgill Road

Dixon, MO

DOB:  03-3-1973

Indecent Viewing

Hardy, Tony Ray

20080 Hartford 

Dixon  MO

DOB:  12-22-1963

Stat Sodomy 1st Deg-Person Under 14

Hagebusch, Walter Eugene

20620 Hank Lane

Dixon, Mo

DOB:  08-30-1979

Statutory Rape 2nd Degree


Hoffman, Frankie Dewayne Sr

21474 Hawk Drive

Dixon,  MO  

DOB:   07-17-1961


Kidd, Christina

13200 Hassler Drive

Dixon,  MO

DOB:  06-19-1984

Sexual Assault 4th

Lusk, James

20252 Hometown Rd Side B

Dixon , MO

DOB: 06-03-1970

Capital Rape and Sexual Assault

McCord, Warder Goff

739 Hwy Z Unit 36

St Robert

DOB:  09-11-1988

Sex Miscd/Atmp Invl Child 1st Ofns

Mcintosh, Michael Scott

13216 Halt

Dixon,  MO

DOB:   06-30-1963

Child Molestation 2nd

Norwood, Darren

403 W Pecan

Dixon, MO 65459

DOB: 08-21-1960

Poss Child Porn 2nd

Rand, Anthony Keil

16750 Longfellow Lane

Dixon, MO

DOB: 09-12-1980

Criminal Sexual Abuse

Ornelaz, Roger Decena

20345 Highway 28

Dixon,  MO 

DOB:  12-05-1962 

Child Molest 1st x2


Pendleton, Bobby Lewis

10104 Cottonwood Road

Dixon, MO

DOB: 08-14-1956

Sexual Exploitation of a MInor

Pritchett, Scott Eric

13863 Highway O

Dixon,  MO

DOB:  05-24-1981

Endanger Welfare Child


Rea, Dalton E L

12100 Highway D

Dixon,  MO  

DOB:  03-31-2000

Stat Rape 1st Deg Pers under 14

Respress, Christopher Daniel

10278 Highway 28 W

Dixon,  MO

DOB:  05-16-1987

Sexual Exploitation Child

Sears, Noah M

13578 PP Highway

Dixon, MO

DOB: 05-13-1944

Sexual Abuse


Tomsen, Danny J

20492 Highway 28 Apt B

Dixon,  MO

DOB:   04-21-1968

Child Molestation 

Warner, Joshua Cody

12759 Highway 28

Dixon,  MO

DOB:  04-22-1980

Possession of Chid Porn 2nd Subsequent Offense

Wethington, William Joseph

301 W Chestnut st

Dixon,  MO

DOB:  06-22-2022

Possess Child Porn 2nd Subsequent Offense

Wideman, Wesley T

14550 Conway Road 

Dixon, MO

DOB:  05-23-1972

Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Child

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