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Richard "Romel" Taylor

Pulaski County Missouri

Jimmy Bench, sheriff

Lost and Found

If you believe, any of these items belong to you please email a complete description of your missing item to or you may use the contact form below. We are unable to handle phone and in person inquires.

Please reference Id # and list all information that could be useful to prove you are the owner of the property such as: Serial number - model number - type of item - condition - color – brand- identifying marks

No items will be return until we are certain you are the owner of the property. Please be sure to include your current contact information. If you are unable to email you may mail a complete description to: Sheriff of Pulaski County 301 Hsitoric Rt 66 East Suite 136, Waynesville MO ATTN: Lost Property

ID # Description

2454Compound bow

2746 Bluetooth earpiece

2749Vehicle key, fob, & key on keychain

2750Black sunglasses

2751Black knife

2752Item in name of M. L. Gober

2755 Paperwork in the name D. D. Myers

2756 cell phone case & gift card

2759 knife with picture of bird

27604 keys on lanyard with keychain

2764Wallet w/ photos & item in name of J E. Barnhart

2765Item in the name K. A. Smith

2767Nextel cell phone

2768Wallet w/ item in name of J. Baker

2796Wallet w/ item in name of J. D. Watkins

2770 Wallet w/ items in name of C. D. Girard

2771Wallet w/ items in name of D. K. Gawreluk

27756 keys on clip

2776Item in the name of R. A. Bragg

2777 Luggage w/ Id tag in name of J. Johnson

2864Mailbox with “17555”

2796Items in name of B. R. Shafer

2833 Item in the name of N.M Flowers

Your details were sent successfully!

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office is currently holding hundreds of items in the evidence room which could be returned to the rightful owners, if those owners can be found. In order to speed the process up we are going to post a list of items that can be returned on our website. If you believe a listed item may be yours fill out the form on the page and send it to us at the address of via computer or by regular mail to Pulaski County Sheriff, 301 Historic 66 east, Waynesville, Missouri, 65583. The property clerk will then contact you for additional details.

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