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This serves as the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department instructions for patrol car observers conducting a ride-along. Please read carefully. Your signature states you authorize a background check be conducted, and that you will adhere to the following: 1. All persons riding as observers with officers of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department should be dressed in a presentable manner. The following is a list of acceptable dress:  Female- dress slacks or pantsuit and shoes. NO dresses.  Male- dress shirt, dress slacks and shoes. NO jeans or T-shirts. 2. Observers will be under the complete control of the deputy at all times. 3. Observers shall not leave the patrol car at the scene of any police activity unless directly requested by the deputy. 4. Observers will refrain from participating in any police activity unless directed to do so by the deputy. Deputies will not use the observer as an assistant or as back-up deputy. 5. Observers shall not converse with prisoners, suspects, witnesses or other parties contacted on police business unless requested by the deputy. 6. Observers shall not interfere with the Deputy’s activities at any time. Although it is desirable, and you are encouraged to ask questions regarding procedures and activities, it must be done at an appropriate time. 7. Observers will NOT carry any firearms. 8. Observers will only handle police equipment unless requested by the deputy.

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I, ___________________________________, do willingly participate in the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department Ride-Along Program in that I will be riding in the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department vehicles while on routine patrol. I agree to the above requirements, and authorize a background check of myself. I hereby waive any and all rights, claims, or causes of action which may arise against the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, its liability carrier and any or all employees of the said County on account of my participation in the Ride-Along Program. I, Hereby acknowledge that I assume responsibility for any accident or injury which may befall me while so engaged, and forever release the County, its Sheriff’s Department, its liability insurer and all employees of the County from any claim, whether it be based upon negligence, inadvertent or unforeseen incidents. I further represent that I understand all risks involved and agree that this waiver and release shall be binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns.






Date___________________ APPROVED / DISAPPROVED Sheriff Jimmy Bench #330 ___________________________________________

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