Pulaski County Missouri

 Patrol Division

Jimmy Bench, Sheriff

Chief Deputy Linda Burgess

Phone 573-774-4792   Monday - Friday 8-4


Sgt. Ryan Catron

Phone 573-774-2040

email:  rcatron2@pcsheriff2.com

Cpl. Paul Morton

Phone 573-774-6196

email:  pmorton@pcsheriff2.com

                                                           Patrol Division Description


The Pulaski County Sheriff's Department Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling over 550 square miles of unincorporated Pulaski County and provides full law enforcement services for approximately 52,274 citizens. We handle a wide variety of law enforcement issues and pride ourselves on our customer service experience. Unlike cities, where the police chief is appointed by a mayor or city council, we work for Sheriff Jimmy Bench, who was elected by the citizens of Pulaski County and is held accountable by the very people we provide service for. Each deputy is vested with the responsibility of providing excellent customer service to crime victims and the community we serve and to ensure safety and security in Pulaski County.

The Patrol Division in Pulaski County has historically been understaffed. We currently have 14 sworn Deputies, and a number of Reserves, that offer their time to help. Even with the recent passing of a sales tax, we are still behind local and national standards of officer to citizen ratio.

There is no typical day for a Patrol Deputy, given the diverse make up of our areas of responsibility. We patrol a combination of populated areas, but most of our patrol is done in rural areas. Deputies have to have excellent communication and public relation skills to work in and around the diverse make up of the citizenry of Pulaski County. They have to be ready to handle any call for service such as a domestic assault, child abuse, robbery, burglary, death investigation or cattle theft - sometimes all in the same shift.

The Patrol Division is made up of two squads which are under the leadership of a Lieutenant. Each squad also has a Sergeant, a Corporal, and at least 4 Deputies. Our main focus is to concentrate our patrol in the rural areas, as we have numerous municipal agencies that handle their areas. On average, the Patrol Division handles over 12,000 calls for service a year.

The Patrol Division is a rewarding and exciting place to work. The men and woman who make up the division are dedicated to providing the citizens the excellent customer service they deserve and the safety we all expect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.