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Pulaski County Missouri

Jimmy Bench Sheriff

Richland Sex Offenders


Bell, William Alfred Jr

209 W Washington Ave Richland ,MO

DOB: 05-15-1969

Sexual Abuse 1st Degree

Bigley, James Rodney Jr

28300 Southbend Road

Richland, MO

DOB: 04-19-1978

Sexual Assault 1st Degree

Carewicz, Christopher Craig

729 E Main St

Richland, MO

DOB: 04-05-1967

Statutory Rape 2nd Degree


Glackin, Charles Edward

30885 Bear Road

Richland, MO

DOB:  11-06-1959

Agg. Sexual Battery


Helms, Tyler Wayne Workman

3 Helms Lane

Richland, MO

DOB: 09-21-1983

Statutory Rape 1st Degree


Holmes, David Henrylee

24642 Rustler Lane


DOB:  07-04-1977

Statutory Rape 2nd

Husted, Clarence Otis Jr

26323 Ann St

Richland,  MO

DOB:  11-21-1941

Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

Inman, Jason Paul Sr

26396 Stone Road

Richland  MO  

DOB:  08-08-1975

Statutory Rape 2nd Degree


Decker, Morris Dean

118 Chalfant

Richland, MO

DOB: 08-02-1958

Statutory Sodomy 1st Degree

Jennings, Kenneth Lee

17785 Rawlins Rd

Richland  MO  

DOB:  09-30-1994

Receipt of Child Pornography

Jones, Brandon Lee

14175 Highway Z 225

St Robert,  MO  

DOB:  11-16-1981

Child Molestation 2nd Degree

Kelly, James Robert

408 Hillhouse Rd

Richland,  MO 

DOB:  10-6-1991

Forcible Sexual Intercourse and Choking 

Neal, Shawn Tracy

616 Lacy Drive

Richland,  MO  65556

DOB:  02-16-1980

Statutory Sodomy - First Degree


Luba, Allen

22815 Route 7

Richland,  MO

DOB:  7-2-1951

Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault

Patton, Mark W

19755 Rodeo Road

Richland,  MO  

DOB:  06-03-1970

Sex Miscd/Atmp Invl Child 1st Offense 

Muxlow, Chase Allen

100 Locust

Richland,  MO  65556

DOB:   10-24-1993

Statutory Rape 2nd

Mitchell, Randolph Maxmillion

26100 Stereo Road

Richland,  MO  

DOB:  05-03-1973

Sexual Misconduct

Tomchik, Eric James Jr

423 N Locus

Richland,   MO  

DOB:  03-30-1987

Sexual Assault 1st

Winnie, Evelyn Janet

119 Northview Street

Richland, MO

DOB: 09-04-1959

Deviate Sexual Assault

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