Pulaski County Missouri

Jimmy bench, Sheriff

Sheriff’s View 23


I would say that it has been another successful and very busy week here at the Sheriff’s Department. I have stayed quite busy out and about patrolling the county roads making our presence known and ensuring that our communities stay safe as well as attending community events. At least once a week I have been attending one of our communities Senior Citizen Centers for lunch. This last week I went to the Crocker Senior Citizen Center where I ate lunch with everyone and got to chat and exchange stories. Being someone of age and experience myself, it is always refreshing to hear about other people’s lives and their experiences. You really do learn something new every day and most often it is from the people you surround yourself with. Along with visiting the Crocker Senior Center I attended the Farm Bureau’s annual member’s dinner and the Republican Party Dinner to show my support and represent our County.

Despite the chilly and misty weather, just this last weekend we held our annual department picnic. Greg and Charlotte Moore were gracious enough to host us on their farm and donate the main course of fried fish. The food was delicious and the company even better. It is always nice to get out of the office and get a chance to socialize with my deputies out of uniform and meet their families. Family is a very important aspect in my life and I feel that knowing my deputies and their families helps me be a better support to them while they are in uniform. Being in law enforcement we see and experience a lot of things that most people do not and it is important for us to be there for one another. Speaking of being there for another, we recently took our department photos for our yearly ad calendar and I would like to thank everyone who took time out of their evening to be there, the photographer for putting up with our shenanigans and hopefully getting some good photos of us, and Waynesville PD’s dispatch for handling our communication center and cameras while we were indisposed.

A few months ago, the Sheriff’s Department was the recipient of a brand new computer that was awarded to us from the Missouri State Highway Patrol through the Adam Walsh Grant. Over the last couple of years, the Sheriff’s Department has been working very hard to keep the Missouri State Highway Patrol updated on the sex offenders that reside in this county. It is required that we make sure that each offender that resides in this county complies with their registration parameters. In 2018 alone, we had 18 non-compliant offenders charged for failing to register as a sex offender within the county. These charges are important and ensure that offenders properly register in the future. We currently do not have any non-compliant offenders within the county. I am extremely thankful to the individuals that have been managing our registrants because without their efforts this may not have been the case.

As we spoke about last time, the Nasty Pulaski Gravel Grind was a few weekends ago and through their event they raised $1200. Half of that was donated to the Sheriff’s Department and the other half was donated to Shop with A Cop. Speaking of donations, please keep an eye out amongst businesses in the community for Shop with A Cop donation canisters. All donations, big or small, are put towards helping children within our own community. Last year the program was able to help almost 200 children and we would like to be able to help even more this year. If you would like to make a private donation to Shop with A Cop, you can do so at the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department Communication Center.

Thank you for your continued support.

Your Sheriff,

Jimmy Bench