Pulaski County Missouri

Jimmy Bench Sheriff

301 Historic Rt 66 East, Suite 136

Waynesville,  MO  65583

Civil and Criminal Process

Civil Division

LT. Pam Sherrell

Phone 573-774-4796

Fax  573-774-4761

Email psherrell@pcsheriff2.com

In order to serve and process your legal service we require you to pay a fee of $100.00,  out of the deposit that is not used for the service fee and mileage, will be refunded to you. If there is additional mileage for several attempts, you will be billed.  Payment may be by Law Firm check, money order, or cashier check only.  No cash or personal checks will be accepted for service of process.  This fee for service must be accompany service or the paperwork will be returned..

Criminal Division

Kim Luttrell  Adminstration Assistant

Phone 573-774-4795

Fax 573-774-4761

Email kluttrell@pcsheriff2.com

For information on Criminal Summons, Criminal Subpoenas. Order of Protection, Exparte and Out of State Extradition