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Pulaski County Sheriff's Department
           Citizens Complaint Form

Complaint Affirmation



  I  do hereby affirm that the for going information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.  I understand  that any false, misleading, or untrue statements or writings given to any person(s) investigating this complaint may subject me to criminal and/or civil prosecution by the accused.


I further realize that it may become necessary during the investigation of this complaint, for me to meet with a member(s) of the Pulaski County Sheriff Department (PCSD), or any outside agency/investigator assigned to assist PCSD in this matter, to discuss this complaint, either in the presence or absence of the accused department member(s) at the discretion of the department.  I also agree to make any evidence relating to this matter available for examination. I hereby accept the premise that if any action is initiated through a court or administrative hearing as a result of my complaint, my testimony at these hearings may be required.   I hereby agree to make myself and any evidence relating to this complaint available to any such court or administrative hearing when requested to do so.


           Thank You   Sheriff Jimmy Bench

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