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Pulaski County Missouri

Laquey Sex Offenders

Barton, Terence Jay

32575 Highway 17

Laquey, MO

DOB: 08-02-1972

Statutory Sodomy 1st Degree

Henderson, Earnest Edward

22850 Strate Lane

Laquey, MO

DOB: 07-17-1959

Sexual Assault 1st Degree

Bowles, Carl Lewis

26195 Sherwood Ln

Laquey, MO

DOB: 04-20-1948

Sexual Abuse 1st Degree

Milligan, Stehen Freye

28300 Sunflower Lane

Laquey, MO

DOB: 02-25-1960

Sexual Contact

Cannon, Earl Jefferson

25271 Repeat Drive

Laquey, MO  65534

DOB:  10-16-1969


Ray, Ernest Lee Sr

27615 Spokane Lane

Laquey, MO

DOB: 10-02-1939

Sexual Abuse 1st X4

Patton, Mark

27400 Steeleman Ln

Laquey,  MO  65534

DOB:  06-03-1970

Sexual Misconduct Involving a Child

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