Pulaski County Missouri

Jimmy Bench Sheriff

Ft Leonard Wood Offenders

Waynesville Sex Offenders

Adney, David Lee

25325 Repeat Dr

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 07-09-1983

Statutory Rape

Biggerstaff, Whittney James

122 Bluff Circle

Waynesville,  MO  65583

DOB:  08-09-1993

Attempt Forcible Rape


Akery, Ronald Wade

22290 Redwing Road

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 10-06-1965

Child Molestation 1st Degree

Carleton, Lee William

23695 Racket Drive

Waynesville,  MO

DOB:   12-12-1988

Sexual Abuse 1st

Carter, Phillip Leroy

26030 Radar Drive

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 12-08-1956

Deviate Sexual Assault

Brown, Kevin Maurice

26184 Silver Lane

Waynesville,  MO  65583

DOB:  10-22-1964

Aggravated Sexual Conduct

Dillinger, Ronald Lee

25755 Highway 17 Apt 106

Waynesville,  MO  

DOB:  04-23-1960

Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse


Eberhard, Sheri Lee

18251 Lassiter

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 12-09-1970

Deviate Sexual Intercourse

Estrada, Anthony

24025 Richland Road

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 07-13-1986

Child Molestation 2nd Degree

Goertz, Deniss EugeneCark

24260 Raddell Lane

Waynesville,  MO

DOB:  05-21-1990

Sodomy 2nd

Edwards, Douglas Albert

22602 River Drive

Waynesville,  MO

DOB:  08-23-1947

Rape 1st

Enyard, Lamarr Dupree

20277 London Lane

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 09-19-1985

Attempt to Commit Oral Copulation

Estrada, Robert T

24025 Richland Rd

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 03-27-1984

Child Molestation 2nd Degree

Fowler, James Allan

23850 Hwy W

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 08-22-1977

Indecent Acts with Child X4

GIVENS, RON 9-30-2019.JPG

Givens, Ron Michael

25536 Swindell Dr Apt B

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 09-30-1979

Forcible Rape


Graves, Johnathon Michael

21705 Rudolph Road

Waynesville, MO

DOB:  01-06-1992

Possession of Child Pornography

Guehrer, Gerald Robert

25885 Radar Dr

Waynesville, MO


Child Molestation 1st Degree


Lawson, John W

21025 Lockhart

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 11-02-1978

Sex Cont W/Inmate-Emp of Correctional Facility


Murphy, Roy Frederick

22165 Buford Lane

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 11-10-1984

Statutory Sodomy 2nd Degree

Peyton, Austin Michael

732 Hillside Drive

Waynesville,  MO

DOB:  09-30-1991

Patronizing Prostitution 14 Yrs and Younger

Prather, Bryan Austin

104 Viren Lane Apt 5

Wayensville,  MO

DOB: 03-16-1999

Possession of Child Pornography 1st Offense

Trammel, Andrew Jackson 3

23755 Roulette Road Apt 1A

Waynesville,  MO  

DOB:  04-03-1985

sexual Exploitation of a Child


Lunceford, Alvin Jr

115 Paradise Street

Waynesville, MO

DOB:: 06-05-1972

Indecent Visual Recording

Indecent Viewing

Neal, Shawn Tracy

808 Hospital Road

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 02-16-1980

Statutory Sodomy 1st Degree

Ramsey, Clarence Eugene Jr

22876 Revelation Road

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 07-11-1977

Indecency W/Child

Miller, Ronald Ray

25078 Highway W

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 06-22-1957

Child Abuse: Sexual Abuse

Owoaje, Michael E

20310 Spice Dr Apt B

Waynesville,  MO

DOB:  10-04-1987

Sex Abuse 1st - Phy Harm

Persinger, Jack Dennis

23775 Sweet Lane

Waynesville,  MO

DOB:  06-06-1982

Statutory Rape 2nd


Rivera, Angel Luis

23022 Ransom Road

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 09-20-1979

Agg Sexual Contact, Wrongful Sexual Contact

Taylor, Sedrick Dwayne

20277 London Lane

Waynesville,  MO 

DOB:  04-08-1988

Criminal Sexual Assault with Force


Thomson, John Edward

21150 Ladle Lane

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 06-23-1974


Underwood, Bret Daniel

310 North St Apt 4005

Waynesville,  MO

DOB:  06-09-1976

Child Molestation 1st

Williams, James L

300 westwind Drive

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 06-25-1979

Aggravated Sexual Battery


Woodby, Larry Kenneth

25576 Rocky Mount Ln

Waynesville, MO

DOB: 12-14-1961

Statutory Sodomy

Warrington, Vincent Coard

1106 Hull Valley Dr

Waynesville,  MO  65583

DOB:  01-18-1979

Sexual Assault

Hunter, James Michael

25755 Highway 17 RM 312

Waynesville,  MO  

Stat Sodomy 1st Deg-Pers Under 14